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Medical Reg.

Where Virtual Is Still Reality ™

Welcome to vREG™, where we offer virtual registration services to make your registration process more efficient and convenient. We utilize our Virtual Interactive Engagement Workstations or V.I.E.W™ technology to connect you with a live registrar who can efficiently guide you through the registration process.

Virtual is safe and preferred by all!

We understand that the medical registration process can be challenging, especially in today's environment. That's why we offer Virtual Staffing and Registration services to simplify the process and put you at ease. Our experienced team members will guide you through each step of the process, so you don't have to worry about any confusion or miscommunication.

Great working relationships.

Although VREG™team members are virtual, they have active communication through chat, email, and video communication with the rest of your team. Employees still build a relationship through today’s technology and truly become one of the team!

Multi-kiosk application.

One of the most important elements of vREG™ is the ability for a Full-Time Employee to work in multiple locations. vRS™ has designed the ability to put your virtual staff either in multiple locations working designated shifts (split shifts), or in a queued environment where they can work multiple locations in a queue system (ready when someone walks up to the Kiosk). Think about your remote locations or your areas that have peak times that need help, there’s no need to hire multiple people for multiple locations – one team member can work them and never have to travel between locations. Your ROI skyrockets and your team gets help where and when they need it!

What does vREG™ bring to the table?

Real People.

We are focused on providing real people through technology to interact with patients/customers from anywhere in the country.

Out with the old and in with the new.

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